Zack’s Sacks Brand Identity

Brand Background
In May 2022, Zack Morris fell into a coma after attending Jazzfest. As a paraplegic, he's navigated disability complications, always defying the odds. He conquered the coma, sepsis, and pneumonia, returning to full-time work. A year later, he faced surgery and an 8-week hospital stay. To support his recovery, Zack’s family and friends started Zack's Sacks—a pop-up Cajun crawfish boil series that brought good times, good food, and aid for this resilient soul.

Project Summary
Crafted for Zack's Sacks, the logo set showcases my expertise in illustration, brand development, and art direction, featuring a versatile wordmark, a charismatic mascot, and an iconic symbol. Enriched with vibrant colors and typography reflecting Cajun culture, the logos evoke community, resilience, and joy. The swift adoption of the brand and the enthusiastic response from the client underscore its success. Upon posting the mascot on Instagram, the account experienced a surge in likes and follows, growing to nearly 700 followers despite only six pop-up events—a testament to the logo set's immediate impact and resonance with the audience.