In August 2005, one of the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast of the United States. This category five hurricane was dubbed Katrina and cost over 100 billion dollars in damage to the area of impact. Even though it has been many years since the hurricane hit, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is still trying to revive from its effects. The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s tourist rate has gone down greatly because of the wreckage from the hurricane.

Since the goal is to promote the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I wanted to create a campaign for a benefit concert that would be on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The proceeds would go to rebuilding the J. L. Scott Aquarium in Biloxi, MS. This concert would not only help raise money to restore a lost city attraction, but also aim to bring more attention to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and bring back the tourism rate to the coast.

By designing this campaign, I wanted viewers to realize how important design is for making a change, as well as the importance of branding. While working on this design campaign, I learned more about social media, distribution, and the effects of them. I came up with resolutions for this campaign using word mapping, brainstorming, design thumbnails, research, and interviewing. Through these methods, I was able to discover answers to questions and problems that I came across through the design process.