Collaborating with Memorial's Patient Safety Department, I spearheaded the development of a dynamic logo for the S.A.M. Safety program. This initiative aimed to create an inviting identity for the safety event reporting tool, enhancing its role in advancing patient safety standards. The comprehensive design includes a primary logo, an endearing dog mascot, a mascot roundel, and a simplified app icon. Vibrant colors and friendly typography were chosen to reflect the program's commitment to inclusivity and approachability. S.A.M. (Safety at Memorial) serves as a crucial event reporting tool, empowering individuals to voice concerns and actively contribute to ongoing improvements in patient safety—an integral aspect of Memorial's commitment to delivering safe, high-quality, and compassionate care.

The brand received overwhelming praise upon launch, with notable recognition for its engaging and relatable identity. To further elevate the brand's visibility, we enlisted Instagram celebrity Cash Money to embody S.A.M. in the flesh... or fur, gaining widespread attention and reinforcing the program's accessibility and appeal.