At Memorial Health System, I spearheaded the conceptualization and creation of both digital and print materials, showcasing my expertise as a graphic designer. Playing a pivotal role in the rebranding initiative, I contributed significantly to the development of the new Memorial style guide. Leveraging branding and identity skills, I crafted distinctive departmental brands within the health system. Additionally, I utilized my photo and video skills for art direction, recording, and producing engaging digital content, effectively promoting the health system's initiatives. Collaborating with vendors and managing other creatives, I provided art direction and developed impactful marketing and advertising designs for the organization, ensuring cohesive and compelling brand representation across all channels.
2022 Gold ADDY Award (Memorial Health System Stone County Outdoor)
2022 Gold ADDY Award (Memorial Health System “Forward” Logo Redesign)
2022 PRism Awards: Best of Tier 2 and Best of Show
2022 Silver ADDY Award (Memorial Health System COVID-19: One Year Later Video)
2022 Silver ADDY Award (Memorial Health System Graduate Medical Education Website)
Memorial Social Media Pillars
P2P Event Displays