Inspired by the enchanting light display at the Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival, I utilized my illustration skills to bring Inky, the festival's mascot, to life. Inky, a lovable blue octopus donning a Santa hat and wrapped in Christmas lights, exudes holiday charm. This whimsical illustration became the centerpiece for festival merchandise, including shirts and stuffed animals, adding a magical touch to the event and embodying the spirit of the cherished holiday tradition along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The introduction of Inky, the festival's endearing mascot, not only boosted merchandise sales significantly but also led to a remarkable 20% increase in brand recognition. This success was further validated by winning a prestigious Silver Addy Award in 2024, affirming Inky's pivotal role in enhancing the festival's appeal and visibility, while also reflecting the spirit of the cherished holiday tradition on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.